Whats a good green bean casserole recipe

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Ultimate Green Bean Casserole

So glad to hear the casserole was a hit and thank you for the feedback! So if you are using frozen, I would recommend switching to fresh! I made this last year for Thanksgiving and it was delicious!

whats a good green bean casserole recipe

Made this for an early Thanksgiving and my dad declared it the quintessential green bean recipe against which all other green bean casseroles should be measured: Happy Thanksgiving. Transfer green bean mixture to a casserole dish and sprinkle with French fried onions and remaining cheese.

Best Green Bean Casserole (Video)

I followed your recipe and made this for Thanksgiving and it was amazingly good! The results are tasty and well worth it. I did tweak it a little because I wanted to add bacon I always look for ways to add bacon so instead of butter I used bacon fat.

whats a good green bean casserole recipe

Hi Stacey, nothing beats fresh but frozen is a great alternative and will do the job beautifully. I would like to replace the canned beans with fresh, cooked beans.

whats a good green bean casserole recipe

As long as you like the flavor of the cheese, you can really use any kind you like. You recipe came out incredible and I used our green beans fresh from our garden. I made this for Thanksgiving last year and loved it!

whats a good green bean casserole recipe

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pancakes. Marie — November 24, 2017 12: Thanks for passing this on to your sister, Susan! Thank you so much: This recipe went over equally well with both!

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whats a good green bean casserole recipe

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