How to clean and lubricate 8mm film

Cleaning Film and Film Cleaners

Email this page to someone! By now, your precious family film collection is probably not quite in the same shape it once was. It should run smooth with gentile pressure on the film until its all the way rewound.

how to clean and lubricate 8mm film

I love my film and projectors and take great care to keep everything in tip-top shape so they should outlast me and I have a nice legacy to leave my kids.

May 2014. Change cloths when noticeably dirty.

how to clean and lubricate 8mm film

If you are having a tough time rewinding, you may be applying too much pressure. He had tried to "fix" it with 0 luck in doing so. Alan Taplow Junior Posts: Cleaning with straight chemical effectively removes the film's dirt and lubrication.

how to clean and lubricate 8mm film

Clean the bulb and lenses with lens cleaning solution and lens tissues. Users must be carefull not to use an excess amount as it will "blotch" where excess amounts failed to evaporate. Then, I simply run the film between a folded swab once using very gentle pressure and at 200' I stop to inspect it.

How to Clean & Lubricate a Movie Projector

I personally like the film-o-clean. It has relatively low toxicity, is nonflammable, evaporates quickly, removes most varieties of film dirt, is relatively inexpensive, and has antistatic properties.

how to clean and lubricate 8mm film

Use lens tissues, not a cloth. One satisfactory formula for lubrication follows: Do I need to invest in some kind of additional equipment to apply any cleaners or lubricants properly?

how to clean and lubricate 8mm film

It seems like some people simply use a extra soft cloth and apply during rewind? If there is excess oil, what doesn't absorb, runs off of the swab and onto the bottle cap for reuse. Aubrey Kerr is a writer and photographer.

Search Search for: Should I win the lottery, that's when all bets are off and I would invest in a nice setup Ecco cleaner and all. What's the best means to make these films last as long as possible and play as smoothly as possible? This is the rubbing alcohol which you can buy cheaply in any drug store.