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General Comment This song is really emotional and really intense. Thanks again. Perhaps I'm just grasping a little bit too much at what I'd like it to be instead of what it truly is, but that is the beauty of music and art. This song is about just not being okay, not really being present in life, going through the motions and not really seeing the joy color in life coffee black and egg white.

"Who Am I" lyrics

I think I explained that but probably not as well as I imagined. For example, the black or white analogy refers to splitting idealization and devaluation. This song can refer to coping with any hardship in life, I think, but to me it really resonates to my experience with assault.

It made me feel like a sex object I am covered in skin , it made me feel used, and since then it has been hard to open up to anyone else no one gets to come in , it has been hard to connect with anything, and it has been hard to see the color in life. User does not exist. I can explain further sometime.

No Replies Log in to reply. You're going through the motions, nothing being vivid to you spesifically. Translation I found many of these responses to be hilarious. We do not have any tags for Colorblind lyrics. This person is ready to be pulled out from inside.

You see things as either all positive or all negative. You are totally right.! When they said 'No one gets to come in' they were saying that people who have an eating disorder shut everyone out and become isolated. Flag Persephone28 on April 04, 2012.

My Opinion okay, this song is about X's point of view. Haha, I know.. Colorblind is found on the album This Desert Life. Read More... Pull out the real me.

It will take many famous people stepping forward and sharing their stories before fear subsides and those who can make positive changes in their lives actually strive to do so.

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