B1a4 whats happening japanese lyrics in english

Though, the track has the unfortunate inclusion of a quick, talk section after the intro, first chorus and at the very end of the track that throws a wrench into its flow. Beautiful Target Japanese Version -like it mix-.

"What's Happening? (Japanese Version)" 가사

Contents [ show ]. Additionally, Jinyoung states that the lyrics were inspired by events of cheating that happened personally by him:. Wassup wassup tell me tell me wassup. The track kicks off with an angelic layering of harmonies before moving into the high-energy, guitar-driven verses.

b1a4 whats happening japanese lyrics in english

Version B had six tracks, stickers, and a ticket to a Japan-exclusive handshake event. Jinyoung composed the song and co-wrote the lyrics with Baro. Really, Why? It was put on B1A4 's second Japanese studio album, 2 , on March 19, 2014. Jung Jinyoung Written By: Sign in Sign up.

I really didn't think it would actually happen. This isn't right. Last activities M. Every day yeah yeah yeah yeah.

b1a4 whats happening japanese lyrics in english

Every time I think about you again today. Hey, be honest with me, Where are you?

What’s Going On ( 이게 무슨 일이야 ) (English translation)

Before you go, before you turn around, come back to me baby girl. I knew this would happen. I wrote the lyrics while thinking of many different scenarios. It B1A4.

b1a4 whats happening japanese lyrics in english

Was giving you everything a sin?