Panini dr who special

The Phantom Piper stars the Twelfth Doctor p... DWC Trade 3.

Panini Comics

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The Flood Eighth Doctor , Volume 4.

panini dr who special

One Year Subscription Availability: Published Nov 2015 by Panini Books. Contains five linked stories by acclaimed writer Scott Gray: The original black-and-white strips have been digitally remastered and are collected for the first time ever. The second volume of comic strips collecting the eleventh Doctor's complete adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

panini dr who special

Voyager Sixth Doctor. Cancel Save. Voyager Sixth Doctor , Volume 1. Issue 1-REP.

Comic books in 'Doctor Who (Panini) Collected Comic Strips'

Published Jan 2013 by Panini Books. Published Aug 2014 by Panini Books. DWC Trade 9.

panini dr who special

Art by Mike Collins. Exclusive subscriber-only issues, free from cover lines! Marvel also published a one-shot entitled Doctor Who Collected Comics , and launched a series republishing now colourised strips entitled Doctor Who Classic Comics.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page. Published Oct 2018 by Panini Comics. In Hunters of the Burning Stone, the famous Time Lord meets old friends - and some very old enemies - in an epic adventure through time and space! In this third volume of comic strips collecting the tenth Doctor's adventures in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, the famous Time Lord joins forces with his newest companion, Majenta Pryce and embarks on his most remarkable series of adventures yet!

The enigmatic Seventh Doctor's comic strip adventures are collected for this first time in this volume that reprints 11 classic stories from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine! Meet the writers and d...