How to use one time password ffxiv

Also to get the registration code to setup the app you log into mog with just your username and password, leave the one-time password field blank. Such a messy convoluted account system. Also, they use a company called digital river to ship their products.

how to use one time password ffxiv

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What is a one-time password? Can't access my Square Enix account

Where do i get this one time password? Thx alot for the help. Apr 26, 2010 4,272 0 0 mostly at work: I've ordered a couple of things off their site and when I want to check the status of the order I have to google "square Enix my orders".

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how to use one time password ffxiv

As long as you have password, don't tell anyone about your password. MMX377 posted... Don't worry about it.

how to use one time password ffxiv