How do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain

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Meteorologists have dozens of these models to look at, each of which can produce a different result every time atmospheric conditions are altered slightly. Surface maps are used to view areas of low and high pressure. Or if rain is predicted on a cold spring day, a slight drop in temperature could change that rain to sleet or even snow, which probably isn't something we want to see in the spring!

how do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain

This general knowledge may provide a foundation for predicting the weather in a particular region, however, meteorologists require much more detailed information to predict the local weather on a daily basis.

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how do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain

Degree Level. To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. Meteorologists help us to plan our activities around the upcoming weather, and avoid certain outcomes like storms.

how do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain

Using tools such as satellites, radar, and surface maps, meteorologists look at patterns in the atmosphere, beginning with general patterns, then narrowing it down to the more specific details. Browse Browse by subject. Earn certificates of completion.

how do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain

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How Meteorologists Predict the Weather: Methods & Process

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how do meteorologists study thunderstorms and rain