Face of boe dr who

That's a relatively short time, evolutionarily speaking, for Jack to have evolved into the Face of Boe. View all Star Wars Sites.

As for the whole couldn't die thing?

face of boe dr who

The Doctor was ultimately reunited with the Face of Boe one last time during his travels with Martha Jones , in the year 5,000,000,053. It's pretty much confirmed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The hot water in his room on the platform observing the "Earth death" was not working.

face of boe dr who

Open Facebook. The Tragic Nature of the Doctor. The Doctor and Rose have a bit of banter over the term jiggery-pokery.

Face of Boe

You spend all your time thinking about dying. Email Required, but never shown. This led the Doctor and Martha to speculate that Jack, who was immortal , may in fact have been destined to become the Face of Boe himself.

Russell T Davies has said that this fact could waver, but that seems like he forced the comment to try and persuade the audience that Jack could die in the latest series of Torchwood , Miracle Day.

Who Mysteries: Is Jack the Face of Boe?

Ask Question. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. But is Captain Jack the same Face of Boe, the Last of the Boekind, the nearly immortal being who he just so happened to share a name with? February 11, 2013. I remember Jack indicating at one point he was growing tired of not dying after having watched human history from 1869 after escaping Satellite 5.

Apparently dying of old age, the Face summoned the Tenth Doctor to his ward. View all Cars Sites. This would have brought forward J.

face of boe dr who

Tiny little place. When a novice told the Doctor the legend of the Face's last words — a secret which the Face would impart only to one like himself — the Doctor realised that he fit the description of the "wanderer [...

The whole thing with Boe knowing about Yana, the other time lord because Boe was there as Jack to learn about it and then tell him back in the past as Boe before it happened. Russell T Davies was inspired to create the vain and shallow in both senses of the word Cassandra after watching the Academy Awards and worrying about the health of the actresses on the red carpet.