Auxiliary drawing steps how to draw

Reference lines are always perpendicular to projection lines. Published by Dustin Gordon Modified over 3 years ago. Thank you! Registration Forgot your password?

Measurements are made parallel to projection lines. Click the View Layout tab, then click the Auxiliary View tool. Auxiliary view is similar to any other orthographic view.

auxiliary drawing steps how to draw

A reference plane appears as a line in two alternate views and not in adjacent view. Draw reference plane edge view in the top view and auxiliary view.


Select a location for the auxiliary view and click the mouse. Draw a folding line at an appropriate distance. Upload Log in.

The auxiliary plane is perpendicular to the frontal plane of projection. Auxiliary views are orthographic views used to present true-shaped views of a slanted surface.

auxiliary drawing steps how to draw

Draw construction lines parallel to the arrow. Draw the model with a slanted surface shown in Figure 4-58. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Auxiliary Views An auxiliary view is an orthographic view taken on planes other than principal projection PP planes frontal, horizontal, or profile. Presentation is loading. Figure 4-60. All rights reserved. Figure 4-59. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

auxiliary drawing steps how to draw

I agree. Areej Afeefy. Bethune Mar 10, 2017. Multiview Drawings Part 2. Oblique drawings.