When will kalisto debut screen

WWE 205 Live Recap 03.10.17

So this was nice. He came out of a bad feud with Baron Corbin where he traded wins, and he's been uninspired as a performer ever since being cast aside for a returning Roman Reigns after said Survivor Series '14 triumph.

when will kalisto debut screen

More Powerpoint Presentation!!! During their main event match, Amore was routinely thrown back into the ring by his unhappy 205-pound bretheren.

when will kalisto debut screen

Pot, kettle, black? Eva Marie continues to be the platonic ideal of a professional wrestler for everything except wrestling and speaking. WWE Raw results, recap: To make things worse, he also lifted the clause on the rest of the division.

From the wild and wacky to the nostalgic and fun, Raw may not have been consistent in terms of its quality, but it did deliver from the sense of keeping viewers engaged with such a vast variety of segments. Gallagher is wrestling in full street clothes for some reason.

Still, in the moment, his win was an uninspiring end to a typically lazy WWE multi-man match. Not only was the crowd pop huge during the opening segment, the reunion brings needed buzz to the TLC card as a whole.

WWE Raw results, recap: The Shield reunites, Sister Abigail debuts, title change

Really cool springboard 450 flip to the outside off his shins. Tozawa comes down to the ring after the match. It's been reported that Rockstar Spud's WWE debut has been on hold as he's had to file Visa paperwork , but he seems good to go now.

He feels bad that he was part of the mob that attacked Enzo and that he stands behind the champ.

when will kalisto debut screen

Rambles on for another while about nothing and then introduces Ariya Daivari like his best friend. Grasping at straws there Enzo.


Says some shite in Spanish. And the addition of Strowman to the feud tilts the scales for The Shield from an all-star team of frontrunners to a trio of pure babyfaces who will need to rally to overcome.

He knew he had a match, why did he not bring ring gear? You can say what you want about the predictability of the reunion and how safe it was executed.

when will kalisto debut screen