What is the profile of an arsonist

Understanding The Enemy: Profiles and Motivations of an Arsonist

A closer look. Arsonists in this category expect profit from their fire-setting, either directly for monetary gain, or indirectly to eliminate debt. The Greenwood arsonist could also be a peeping tom or a burglar who has done jail time, Nee said, explaining that many arsonists have been convicted of sex- and property crimes.

Trama - Not a Television Show Rated: Simply, pyromania is the uncontrollable impulse to repeatedly set fires with no obvious motive such as concealment of a crime, financial gain. Ben-Aron, M.

what is the profile of an arsonist

If from a home with both parents, the emotional atmosphere was mixed and unstable. Painting psychological profiles: Revenge-motivated arsonists feel as if they need to retaliate to gain satisfaction.

Criminal Profiling of Serial Arson Offenses

Geographic profiling. The pyromaniac enjoys the pageantry of the fire trucks and the presence of police officers as well as the distress of the victims.

what is the profile of an arsonist

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what is the profile of an arsonist

These disorders are characterized by a failure to resist impulses, such as the impulse to light a fire. Pyromania is a commonly used term that often arises when wildfire arson is suspected.

The media attention devoted to catastrophic wildfires often fuels copycat arsonists. Revenge is the most common motive for a serial arsonist.

what is the profile of an arsonist

Antisocial individuals often engage in a range of criminal behaviors including fire-setting as well as other destructive acts. If not married, still living at home with parents. Most Popular 1.