What color is the lakers home jersey

what color is the lakers home jersey

Ever since 2011, I have been blogging about logos and uniforms. Real Estate Today. In 1999, they added matching side panels to their jerseys.

Los Angeles Lakers wear purple for home game

Search SportsLogos. Teams will have four different options to choose from, the traditional white and colored jerseys and two newly inspired jersey options:. Subscribe to Breaking News.

Overall, it's an upgrade, although not as good as it could have been.

Lakers News: Fans Start Online Petition Against Color Of New Nike Jerseys

I could understand if this was a weekday game at home. Sorry, your subscription does not include this content. The Lakers unveiled their new jersey design Tuesday. Winds SSE at 15 to 25 mph.

what color is the lakers home jersey

The Jump crew reacts to the Lakers' latest jersey update and LeBron James' confidence in his new teammates. You can follow him at fergoe and read his personal blog at fittedcapfiend. Again I ask, why did the lakers wear their white home uniforms instead of their purple away uniforms at an away game? This really is a whole new world when it comes to uniforms in the NBA and nobody is experiencing the changes like the Los Angeles Lakers are.

Los Angeles Lakers Nearly Achieve Perfection With Unveiling Of New Uniforms

Digital Plus E-Edition. Featured Sections. Follow him on Twitter at twitter. I read awhile back that for each game one team has to wear a dark color and the other light color dark and light loosely defined. Harden's vaunted 3s fall flat as 30-point run ends Houston Rockets.

what color is the lakers home jersey

Paul George's confidence is becoming unconditional Oklahoma City Thunder. Last season left , this season center , Showtime-era right. There was a problem saving your notification. LakeShow pic. Kobe24Dynasty wrote: Read More.

Los Angeles Lakers Colors

However, a quick look at the side of the jersey reveals that this was actually a slam dunk that bounced off of the back of the rim and transformed into a turnover instead of two points. Contacting SportsLogos.

what color is the lakers home jersey

When I implored the NBA to make color-on-color matchups the norm rather than the exception , I did not think that this would result in Nike and the NBA basically opening the floodgates and, as a result, bringing up a possibility where the Lakers would decide that wearing purple at home was cool now.

In the Showtime era, the Lakers had contrast-colored side panels on their shorts.