Transformers 3 ironhide truck what is it

Strike Zone Showdown.

transformers 3 ironhide truck what is it

After spending some time planet-hopping, Ironhide detected Ratchet 's homing signal and headed for it. Suburbans look like Matchbox toys; Hummers scamper in fear. He was a bit annoyed by the kid's spunk, but knew he had a good Spark deep down. The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Ghosts of Yesterday. Inspired by his words, Ironhide debated no further, and the Autobots set out for the location of the AllSpark, Hoover Dam.

transformers 3 ironhide truck what is it

This made it difficult for Ironhide to use his guns on the Decepticon, and even trying to punch Reverb resulted in Ironhide being knocked backwards and being hit by Reverb's sonic cannon. The Decepticon led them into a trap and took control of Ironhide's motor functions, causing him to attack the humans.

Ironhide (Movie)

Ironhide took on specific missions against especially dangerous Decepticons: As the war raged, Sentinel revealed he had constructed a torch that would end the war and prevent more deaths. Why, take the brood to see the Transformers movie, of course.

Sent on a mission with Ratchet, Ironhide confided in his companion that he would rather be on a suicide mission than where they were now—running public relations at an anti- Cybertronian rally outside the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Ironhide began preparing an old nuclear shelter in Texas to house Soundwave, though he was sceptical that the Decepticon would reach it.

transformers 3 ironhide truck what is it

The Game Full of Death and Suffering...! He was stationed near a refugee shelter in Savannah following the liberation of America.

transformers 3 ironhide truck what is it

Alliance 3. He would later be one of three Autobots who tried to prevent Megatron from reaching the AllSpark. Rising Storm 3 But Ironhide noticed something odd about the battle. The third sequel of Transformers is a success.

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These missions would often have the recruits thrown into the sharp end: Retrieved from " https: What is perhaps most surprising about this 10,000-pound truck is how truly nimble you believe it to be. En route to the Decepticons, Ratchet and Ironhide bantered about how the former's vehicle mode was more suited to NEST 's cover story of a chemical spill, while the latter asserted that he was the more stylish of the pair.

Unfortunately, Starscream blocked off Sam's path, prompting the Autobot guardians to engage the more powerful Decepticon immediately. Everyone and everything is intimidated. Yay peace! Part 3 Luckily, a newly arrived Optimus had a better plan: As the Decepticons prepared to finish him off, they were besieged by the protesters, who were now adamantly pro-Autobot.

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