How to read greyhound form guide australia

For example, jumping from 4th grade to Free For All is a massive step up in class and it would take a good dog to be able to make the transition and come out on top.

how to read greyhound form guide australia

A dog that can jump swiftly and accelerate straight away it is less likely to find interference and more likely to get a clear, unimpeded run out in front. Good luck with your greyhounds, I would love to own my own one day. Thomas Limba.

how to read greyhound form guide australia

We provide an example excel spreadsheet below and recommend readers experiment with inputs to get a feel for the model. NewYear NewYearsEve.

how to read greyhound form guide australia

View November 7, 2017. Other information is important such as the record of the Trainer and first-time starters at Wentworth Park, but overall the variables and inputs that influence a race start to shrink. You can select 'fixed price odds' which guarantees your price when you make your bet note that all on-course Bookmakers provide fixed price odds.

How To Read A Form Guide

A good trainer will get the best out of their dog, meaning it is important to pay attention to what names are getting the winners. Select Track... Free Tips for Betting on Greyhound Racing As with all racing, reading the form guide is absolutely crucial in order to be able to predict what might happen in a greyhound race, perhaps more-so with greyhounds because unlike other types of racing markets, there are no riders or jockeys to take into account when placing your bets.

One often underrated aspect of greyhound racing is the trainer. The usual disclaimers regarding no acceptance or responsibility for accuracy apply, including the use of the sample excel spreadsheet.

Australian Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

Whilst the original Kelly paper detailing how the formula was derived will be too difficult for most readers to understand, the end formula is quite simply: Bet On Greyhound Racing. Form Analysis Techniques - get them now - click here The Meaning of Form - Finding those Winning selections We hear enough about the "meaning of life' these days, don't we?

how to read greyhound form guide australia

Welfare Information Has Moved Please visit www. How would you like to settle down on a Friday night, with two form guides in front of you, and work out the form in a sensible fashion?

how to read greyhound form guide australia

Check out these Form Guide strategies... Some punters prefer to back runners from well known kennels.