How to make egg curry in tamil

I do not prefer to reheat cooked eggs. What could be the reason for that? Throw in the boiled eggs and simmer it another 2 mins and garnish with some curry leaves and switch off.

Chettinad Egg Curry Recipe

That is the only option to use the recipe? Paneer butter masala…. The recipes from around the globe are explained step by step so you enjoy the experience and the food. Helping People Experience Food! Jazaak Allah. Vitamin A 13.

how to make egg curry in tamil

Indian breakfast…. Hi swasthi,.

how to make egg curry in tamil

Make sure the raw smell of onion and tomato has gone. Do give this classic egg specialty of Tamil Nadu a try.

how to make egg curry in tamil

Hi, I made this curry and all I can say is every recipe of yours has been spot on and so is this one. Had a craving for egg curry and was going to use my usual standard gravy but so glad i tried your recipe instead.

how to make egg curry in tamil

Serve with rice, chapathi, biryani or jeera rice. It was good and got a way to include in our meals.

Muttai kulambu, egg kulambu recipe

Chettinad food lovers must certainly try this delish egg curry with either parathas or phulkas. Add cumin seeds, red chilis, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, peppercorns, cashew nuts and shallots and roast on low-medium heat for 3 mins. Instructions Heat 1 tsp oil for roasting ingredients in a pan.