How to install tile over wood subfloor

Islands can be pretty heavy, so you might not need to attach it to the floor at all unless your building codes call for it.

how to install tile over wood subfloor

Sandy - Reply May 19, 2017 at 08: How can l tell whats good and whats not good enough to keep. You May Also Like: Cracks in the concrete eventually will lead to cracks in the tile because the concrete at the point of the crack won't be able to support the tile. It is still in good shape, however, my little girl want to run bare foot on them and she got alot of splinters on her feet.

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Please help, these hazed tiles are driving me crazy!! When I had asked him if he needed me to purchase backer board. Can it be done this way? Hi I have a question about porcelan tile installation?

how to install tile over wood subfloor

If so, what thickess of subfloor do I need? Hi Mark, You will need to at least put down a concrete back board. Can I kneel on the just-laid title to final courses in the dead end? Thanks, John. I ripped out two layers of sheet vinyl, a thin sheet of wood, and am now taking out the particle board. I am a big DIYer and haave recently remodeled my master bathroom and half bath.

How to Install Tile Over a Wood Subfloor

I am considering 2 options and would like your recommendations. The flooring people are telling me to install the cabinets first in case i need to change the flooring for whatever reason. To install ceramic tile over wood, the wood surface must be structurally sound enough to support the weight of the tile.

You can rent a concrete grinder, much like a floor polisher, to grind away the excessive floor leveling compound. I am replacing a glass enclosed corner shower with a low threshold type shower that uses a weighted curtain versus a glass enclosure.

how to install tile over wood subfloor

We have it all ready with concrete board. Thanks for your help! What do I do? I will use backerboard or membrane under tile depending on best matching height.

how to install tile over wood subfloor