Whatever nevermind nirvana lyrics

Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics

Also the words "A mosquito, my libido" make sense in this context too. It is not one of the best in the 90s, but would I guess be better than a lot of songs. You think that doesn't count for anything but it does! Excatly MAN!!!! Flag raghdasnowfall on February 12, 2017.

whatever nevermind nirvana lyrics

This single song completely revolutionized the music scene in the nineties. Congratulations, I mean it.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" lyrics

No, actually it is "A Denial" But yes, i agree with WhoKilledBob, there are atleast 3 different recorded versions, lyric-wise, that is.

And it is definetley not the most influential song ever written. U don't have to be a carbon copy of everyone else. Think of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Dylan.

whatever nevermind nirvana lyrics

I have listened to over 500 bands so that is pretty high. BiPolarBer you have a good thought track, but according to Kurt, this song has no meaning.

whatever nevermind nirvana lyrics

Then comes the resentment.. Kurt's response was to write some gibberish that meant nothing, and to insult them at every turn. Very great answer.

DreamlessNights It was based off of The Pixies. The great thing about this SongMeanings website is that people have the chance to speak intelligently and emotionally about music, but its hard to understand that the people who post comments don't realize that what is important isn't how great a song is in general, but what it means to you. You may justify it now. In the context of AIDS, peoples libidos are what spreads it. He overcame his fear of needles and injected for the first time with a friend that fall.