Samsung epic battery gets hot when charging

Phone Overheats & Randomly Shuts Off or Reboots

Apr 2012. It's safer and you never know if it can catch fire while you're sleeping. Next, turn on airplane mode to quickly deactivate battery draining features like wireless radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi or cellular signal search. Any ideas on whats going on and what I could possibly do to fix it?

Why your phone gets hot and how to fix it

Related topics: How safe are bitcoins? Well, yes, I guess you could just rename it, but that's not the best solution. By adima , Junior Member on 25th January 2012, 03: If you suspect your phone is overheating due to a malware infection, see how to remove a virus from Android or iPhone.

Wifi may be the culprit for the overheating issue, but throughout the day wifi and 3g are barely on unless I need internet. If the back of your phone is getting hot, the problem may be an overheating battery.

samsung epic battery gets hot when charging

Thoroughly dry the multipurpose jack before charging the device. If the problem still occurs then consider charging the phone using a different charger cord and charger.

Answer - Fix Heating Problem While Charging Samsung Galaxy S4 With Default Charger

Most modern mobile phones use Li-Ion lithium-ion batteries that, despite their size, pack a powerful punch. Based on your problem description though, it appears that the issue may be firmware in nature so we are positive that the suggestions in our previous post should work.

samsung epic battery gets hot when charging

These include:. Need some help locating your model number?

samsung epic battery gets hot when charging

When phone temperature rises, the most probable culprits are either the its battery, processor, or screen. Carson, CA.

S4 gets very hot while charging and not powering on

Android Software Development. Samsung Galaxy Fold forums are now open February 24, 2019.

samsung epic battery gets hot when charging

How do I find my model number? Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. We have decided to come up with a special thread to provide our proven solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 charging and overheating issues.

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