How to use impression rolling pins

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Imprint Mats And Textured Rolling Pins

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how to use impression rolling pins

Which do you use the least? I've only done one cake with a large impression mat, and I rolled the impression mat onto the fondant, then transferred the fondant to the cake. So I guess it would depend on what you'll be using it for. I always gain a lot of information from the more experienced cakers on CC! When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue.

how to use impression rolling pins

I'm probably not asking this right, either! I am looking to purchase some mats or rollers and wonder which do you prefer? There are so many toys and gadgets out there that we'd all like to have and this information helps us to choose the proper tool for the proper job. I know it was useful to me, and I'm sure to others as well. This is a difficult question because they each have different uses.

how to use impression rolling pins

I am fairly new at cake decorating -- especially with fondant -- and am curious as to the difference between the two as well. AlanT Posted 2 Mar 2011 , 8: I've covered a cake board with fondant that I used an impression mat on before covering the board, but Zespri brings up a good point about the pattern on the cake. Thanks to the other posters as well for their input.

Dots Mini Impression Rolling Pin

Alan, thanks for your reply. The rolling pins are great for rolling a piece to cover your board, or to wrap around the sides of a cake or for doing "piece work" like a skirt or blanket or bow. This caused a bit of stretching of the pattern, and makes it harder to smooth it out without destroying the pattern. Privacy Policy Terms Of Use.

Fat Daddio's

I'm talking about the small mats which fit in your hands. You can also use the large 16 or 24 inch pins to emboss a large piece of fondant and then drape over the whole cake. Gerle Posted 2 Mar 2011 , 7: Very good question. The roller pin is great for strips bows etc. Do you have more versitility with one or the other?