How to use color wheel hair

The Color Wheel and How It Applies To Hair Color

My hair pulls orange. Find us on Facebook.

how to use color wheel hair

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how to use color wheel hair

Like this: Sitemap Contact. For more information, view my Privacy Policy. This is particularly useful to the hairdresser and is often referred to as compensatory or complementary color.

The Colour Wheel

Our primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow and cannot be made by mixing together any other colours. You can neutralize the red and orange tones by going across the color wheel to either green, blue or purple. Salon Business. Light is made up of wavelengths and each wavelength is a colour. Share this: Hair Cuts.

how to use color wheel hair

Form Theory. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The first shade of hair color that you see when you lift the hair with bleach is called the undertone.


The Hair Color Wheel is a way of showing this relationship. Analogous colors are those that are side by side on the color wheel.

how to use color wheel hair

Cool, icy, platinum and ash are all terms we use to describe cooler colour shades and are shown on the hair colour wheel as Blue, Violet and Green.