How to plan a backyard wedding reception

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding

A bundle of lavender brings a French touch to the aisle next to modern acrylic chairs. Set out blankets if it will be chilly or provide hand-held fans to help guests beat the heat. A sunny day can be unbearably hot, and rain or wind can be the uninvited guest that ruins your big day.

how to plan a backyard wedding reception

Your planner should either be able to coordinate with the vendors to file the paperwork themselves usually for an additional fee or file the paperwork for you.

How cute are those striped cups? You just show up, sign on the dotted line and the entire reception will be constructed for you. Download the WeddingWire Planning App. Previous Post Next Post. Separate it.

25 Backyard Wedding Ideas

Talk to your caterer and find out if they will cook the wedding menu off-site and warm dishes up at your home, or if they will need a full kitchen — complete with refrigerators, stoves, ovens, prep-tables, etc — to be erected on site cook each course. Beyond the meal, you may want to rent lounge-style seating for cocktails or dessert on the lawn, standing umbrellas for shade if your wedding will be in the daytime, or specialty lighting, such as a chandelier or lanterns.

how to plan a backyard wedding reception

A backyard wedding gives you freedom and flexibility, you can be creative, you can have fun, you can add quirky touches and you can make a whole weekend or week out of the party. A backyard wedding gives you the perfect excuse to include your pets in your big day! Order Now.

how to plan a backyard wedding reception

Theme it. Keep mosquitos away with citronella candles and torches placed throughout the yard.

how to plan a backyard wedding reception

Anything but casual. Rent it. Let them know of your wedding plans well in advance. There are upscale bathrooms that come with vanities, private stalls with sinks, hot water and air conditioning.

Your Essential Guide To Planning a Backyard Wedding at Home

Log in Join now. BBQ, pre-prepared food, and food truck style catering tends to work best for backyard weddings.

how to plan a backyard wedding reception

There are so many benefits to a backyard wedding, including cost and convenience.