How to pay vat online west bengal

West Bengal Commercial Tax

The Dealer himself has to create user-id and password through the link given in the website as Generate of User-id, providing registration no, PAN no and the mail-id recorded in database. Goods that are not specified in Schedule A, B and C are taxable at 14. Form - 1: Professional Tax. These forms can be downloaded from the official website of West Bengal Commercial Tax ie: Application for composition registration Form - 14, Form - 14D and Form-15: Besides, there are various user manuals to make this process easier.

how to pay vat online west bengal

You can download the registration form from the official website which is to be duly filled-in before submission. Form 1 is used as an application for registration.

Application for registration Form - 2: PF Withdrawal Salary calculator. Tax Sections. What is the use of form 1?

Professional Tax Professional Tax in Maharashtra. Leave a rating!

how to pay vat online west bengal

Property Tax. Tax Forms. Information to be submitted by a dealer Form - 1CR: Service tax.

how to pay vat online west bengal

It is headed by the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes.