How to forge a rapier sword

Some groups built their own forge or furnace or even hammered their blade by hand on an actual anvil.

how to forge a rapier sword

IF this is for use, you are facing a hard time getting your work and blades certified. The pieces would then be forged together, the central one forming a core.

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Students Forge Swords to Sharpen Science and Engineering Skills

Forging is a classic technique which has extensively been used since the ancient period both in Asia and Europe. Register a new account. How would a 16-17th Century European Rapier have been made? Tyler Durden Tyler Durden 32.

how to forge a rapier sword

Related 10. I've shortened the question as Swamp Yankee described.

Weapons and warfare. Most legitimate places are very serious about this. Steve Sells.

how to forge a rapier sword

Inside Science -- Artisans and craftsmen once forged swords and other metalwork in the searing heat of furnaces and pounded the glowing metal into shape with hammers and anvils, using methods developed over generations. The question should be answerable, measurable, of general utility, and enduring; the question must be adjusted to encourage those types of answers.

Perhaps this should be a separate question, but: The creative aspect of the process provides an additional challenge. Die casting requires a machine to press dies out of casting sand then a foundry to raise the metal to such a high temperature that it liquefies and at last pour the metal. Undergraduate and graduate students from 26 universities in the U.

how to forge a rapier sword

Finally the sword would be given a final tempering to harden the edge. FYI tempering softens a blade after hardening in a relative medium to the type of steel used.