When to fertilize lawn colorado

In Colorado, Should You Fertilize Your Lawn in March?

If your mowing height is 2 inches, mow the grass when it is 3 inches tall. Check your irrigation system.

when to fertilize lawn colorado

It fell from favor, however, because herbicides introduced in the mid-1950s killed clover along with dandelions, henbit and other common lawn weeds. It drops fertilizer straight down rather than throwing it out.

when to fertilize lawn colorado

Fill your spreader on the pavement, not the lawn. Mow the lawn at the same height all year. Providing trusted, practical education to help you solve problems, develop skills and build a better future.

Fertilize at the right time for a Healthy Colorado Springs Lawn

Out of all the recommended times to fertilize a lawn in Colorado, early spring is the one fertilization most lawns can do without. Healthy turf, encouraged by proper mowing, fertilizing and cultivation, uses water more efficiently.

when to fertilize lawn colorado

But all of these grass types most bagged seed contains a blend will germinate faster in fall than in spring. Before planting a lawn, decide on the desired quality, how the lawn will be used, and how much time and money you are willing to invest.

How When and Why To Winterize Your Lawn

But before you poke holes in the lawn? This sign of spring is so wide spread, many people assume April is the best time to fertilize lawns. During extended dry periods from late fall to spring, it may be necessary to water every four to six weeks if the ground is thawed and will accept water. Green Lawn Project.

when to fertilize lawn colorado

If you answered yes to most of the questions, skip the March-April fertilization. Pennington When watering your lawn, you want to be sure to not overdo it; the roots have to be able to take in oxygen as well. You can accomplish this by walking down the length of the lawn, turning around 180 degrees, and walking back the other direction just next to where you just fertilized. Salt Lake City, UT.

when to fertilize lawn colorado

It generally is less windy, cooler and more humid at this time, resulting in less evaporation and more efficient use of water. If you remove clippings, this type of fertilizer is appropriate.