What houses did slaves live in

what houses did slaves live in

Bibb, Henry. He describes the possessions of the enslaved couple;. Nevertheless, the dichotomy that is usually drawn between house slave and field slave is somewhat false because the occupational division of the two groups was not often all that clear-cut.

The Big House

No slave could possibly escape being punished - I care not how attentive they might be, nor how industrious - punished they must be, and punished they certainly were.

The bedstead is a platform of boards, and the bed a mat covered with a blanket; a small table; two or three low stools; an earthen jar for holding water; a few smaller ones; a pail; an iron pot; calabashes [hollowed out gourds] of different sizes serving very tolerably for plates, dishes and bowls make up the rest". Herman, Bernard L.

I was immediately sent to work in the salt water with the rest of the slaves. It had never occurred to me that slaves ever lived in anything like this.

Slaves who worked in the plantation house generally had slightly better housing nearer to the house and were given better food and clothing than those slaves that worked in the fields. Such interaction underscores at least some sense of humanity that some white slaveholders exhibited toward chattel whom they perceived as their racial inferiors. Schwartz, Marie Jenkins. Types and Construction of Housing Africans first came to Virginia in 1619, and various documents dating to the next several decades refer to "quartering negroes" on plantations.

In particular, house slaves relayed important information to the rest of the slave community, both useful instruction and salacious gossip. These include spatial units of 10- or 12-foot squares, thatched roofs and wattle walls, and the one-story, linear "shotgun" house type.

Those located closest to elite plantation houses were generally better built, with wooden frames and masonry chimneys and foundations.

what houses did slaves live in

Skip to main content. Most plantation owners did not spend more money on food for their slaves than they had to and so the slaves lived on a diet of fatty meat and cornbread. The houses measured 15 to 20 feet long and had two rooms. The most common house forms were single-cell buildings, typically accommodating a family unit, and duplexes, which consisted of separate rooms accommodating two different family groups.

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One hut is cut away to reveal the inside. We were always required to sit up until all the family had retired; then we must be up at early dawn in summer, and before day in winter.

what houses did slaves live in

The house slave—one who was relegated to working in the big house sometimes referred to as the great house , the master's and mistress's home—often enjoyed an easier and more comfortable existence when compared to their field hand counterpart. However, there are many cases where this promise was not kept. Your post has me thinking that my one of my next road trips need to be at the slave house!

what houses did slaves live in