Sadrul habib chowdhury rate

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Fixes 1294. Cooking this rice is not a herculean task, as all you have to bear in mind is to get Popcorn Rice: Michael Shkutkov. Clean up the font and insert menus when the imhtmltoolbar is disposed of. I thought I fixed this already...

Fixes 2334. Sadrul Habib Chowdhury. What's your favourite variety, and how do you like to cook it?. Use glib functions for endian conversion. Allow localization of the xmpp console plugin.

Add function to get the screen size. Thanks to Simom for the patch. Changelog the "Open Inbox" account action in the yahoo prpl. Looks like AOL increased the length of available messages from 60 characters to 251. Fix yahoo doodling to work with newer yahoo messenger clients.

Add "Open Inbox" account action to the yahoo prpl that logs your browser into your yahoo account and opens your inbox. Improve a bunch of strings in QQ. This fixes a leak and the crash in 2385. Fixes 2375. The second msn-p13-merge-head. Make the MsnUser type an enum so we have fewer magic numbers.

Add some more functions for GntTree. Some changes from Matthew Goldstein and I to not automatically remove empty groups from the oscar server-stored buddy list. Remove the no longer used random blist node from the session struct. Sean pointed out that now that oscar rate limits itself there is no need to have a delay between fetching icons.