Romans abhor what is evil

Jesus Christ abhorred what is evil; Jesus Christ clung to what is good. This is our duty of heart and life. There cannot be a neutral or indifferent attitude toward any sin or error.

romans abhor what is evil

Aramaic Bible in Plain English And be not deceitful in your love, but hate evil and cleave to the good. To subscribe at our regular subscription rate, click the button below.

romans abhor what is evil

Lev 26: Amos 5: This verse indicates that to abhor is to turn against. Part of that is to develop a healthy but intense abhorrence of sin.


Abhor what is evil. Kevin Robinson 1 My Definition of Abhor. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Love should be shown without pretending.

Love is to be sincere and active [the real thing—without guile and hypocrisy].

romans abhor what is evil

Do not just pretend to love others. English Revised Version Let love be without hypocrisy.

Your love must be real love. Cancel Save.

romans abhor what is evil

The love unfeigned: Romans 12: Hate that which is evil, and cleave unto that which is good. Published by Tolle Lege Press. Ezekiel 33: I say to let your love be sincere, while abhorring the evil, clinging to the good;.

Abhor What is Evil, Cling to What is Good (Gary Hendrix on Romans 12:9)

Acts 11: Abhor that which is evil. We must demonstrate love to all if we are to truly follow Christ. Romans 11 Romans 13. Acts 11: