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The good thing about e-confident early users is they need little help with a product that works as well as Moodle, they're enthusiastic and they can cope with foul-ups.

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All requested a copy of the report summary. In one case, a guidance practitioner had been successful in integrating group 106 sessions in the curriculum. A summary of these responses is shown in Table 5. Guidance Council. Higher education 3. The approach taken allowed participants to articulate, from their own perspective, the meaning and significance of the guidance event.

A feeling of achievement, my client seemed happy and satisfied… [Practitioner questionnaire 27] …Enjoyed interview as gave opportunity to use variety of guidance skills… [Practitioner questionnaire 39] 68 6.

Services intended to assist people of any age and at any point throughout their lives to make educational, training and occupational choices to manage their careers. Client identifies two occupational interests Practitioner: Part E — draws together the issues arising from the study and the conclusions. These included: One service manager in a further education college said, when approached to participate in the study, that she was keen to contribute to the research, but that her service was not officially funded to give guidance — only for information and advice.

Various strategies were used, including: For example, information was provided about optional routes into teaching or information about the implications of taking course module options. The transformative power of guidance.

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The company has other adult guidance services within London. Responses were again coded and systematically analysed as described in Section 2. The analyses presented in this report are based upon: A summary of those organisations that participated in the study and their characteristics including size, quality standards, service level agreements, organisational pressures and requirements, in-service training support for employees by organisational context as listed above are shown below in Table 3.

Baseline data for organisational context 177 12. How to use resources. Adult guidance practitioners are often working at multiple locations and providing guidance under different funding streams.

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All practitioners used at least one type of strategy to establish and maintain a sound working alliance with their clients.

They have other intrinsic motives for their work such as ensuring high quality services to individuals; wanting to make a difference; and working in partnership with others. Many guidance centres in these institutions were not income generating, so experienced some funding pressures.

The highest level of overall agreement for the cognitive questions was observed for question 11 which was focused on the development of goals and planning. In the UK, agreement on a definition of guidance acceptable to its broad community has, to date, proved elusive see Appendix 3.