How to join ends crochet

Why use a needle? Not so nice while you are busy crocheting, but SUPER nice once you have finished and there are no tails mocking you. But other than that It seems the that the process is the same? You should now have a yarn end with a little loop.

how to join ends crochet

Great article. Slip the Needle Through the Strand. Thank you so much! I love the invisible join but have one question.

how to join ends crochet

Plus, you can use the Russian join with any type of yarn. Simply lay your new yarn on top of the row or round you are working, and work over the new yarn for a few stitches.

How to Crochet: Invisible Join vs Slip Stitch Join

Joining in this way gives you an extra stitch in the form of the back end of the sl st join. Thanx, Carrie. This is so cool! When using the invisible join with any standing stitch, you will end up with a little flappy drifting stitch Photo 8.

This Method of Joining Yarn Ends is Pure Magic

Love your invisible join. Knit Faster With Continental Knitting. I am making mandala and it there is always a problem especially on the first and second row. There are many ways to join two yarn ends together, but my personal go-to is the Russian join. Pull tight, giving you two knots.

How to Join Yarn in Crochet

It seems that in both the two directions you gave, 1. Choose the seaming method that you prefer, match up the fabric and work evenly into both pieces of fabric. If you need help identifying which loops belong to which stitch, you can see this tutorial , which touches on the anatomy of stitches when working in the round.

So this Invisible Join is literally a lifesaver for me!

3 Ways to Join Yarn

I wish I had seen this tutorial on seamless join earlier. Block before seaming. Thank you for sharing this. Just give a really hard tug and you will soon see if this joining method will work with your yarn.

how to join ends crochet

If you worked a crochet project with a very bulky yarn, you may want to join with a thinner yarn in the same color to reduce the bulk of the join.