How to defeat riot shield juggernauts

Riot Shield Squads are extremely effective at killing enemies at close range but can be surrounded and exposed if in an area with multiple positions where enemies can approach from. Riot Shield Squads are most useful when holding down areas where enemies come from few angles, as they can stay in the open, shooting enemies with their MP5 while soaking up tons of damage.

Finally - keep a cool head. Related 14. Retrieved from " https: Using a SMAW: Team attack is the most common, immediate response to Juggernauts. Related 12.

Riot shield teams are moderately effective against Juggernauts. Even on hardened my cousin will be sniping a jugg with a 50. User Info: Grenade launchers 'noob toobs' , sniper rifles, C4, and other explosives are all pretty useful, but what you need the most is time.

A stinger missile is a one-shot-kill headshot to a Juggernaught. That's what I do. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Here are some: Calmos Calmos 31 1.

Riot Shield Squad

I've killed quite a few juggernauts in co-op with a friend, and usually I'd be the 'bait' while he laid down somewhere out of the way with a sniper rifle and laid into them.

Upgrade him the whole time until the last level. Clay Elkins Clay Elkins 21 1. Flash grenades are the surprise winners here - they can stun a Juggernaut and in the riot shielder's case, cause him to drop his defenses so that you can go for headshots without taking damage.

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Well, sucks for you: MerajA 3,293 12 41 81. This also works with a Bouncing Betty. Explosives like grenades or semtex are pretty useless against a Juggernaut if you are attacking it alone, use them just before you open fire or when team members are attacking it to throw the juggernaut off-balance. Way cheaper than predator, just don't let them get together.