How to apply kohl powder eyeliner

If you want something a little less dramatic yet still smoky and sultry, choose a deep gray. A friend of mine went to NY recently and I she was kind enough to shop it for me.

The luxurious and refined jewel tube is topped with a Moorish-style golden seal and features an applicator stick, a homage to the traditional kohl used by women of the desert.

how to apply kohl powder eyeliner

Well i hearded but not sure that kohl is fine is going well with wudhu as henna do. It's blackness also controls the sun's glare in the desert, and thus it is used by both men and women of the desert. Visitators online. U may also use the olive oil to clean your stick after use. Les Parisiens. Enter your email address: Noir Bleu.

how to apply kohl powder eyeliner

The color should stay the most concentrated toward the lash line and become less intense and smokier as it goes up onto your eyelid.

Artemis imports, a belly dance mail-order supply house, sells both light and darker grades of kohl of fine quality. Apply the primer on the lower lash line before you apply the kajal.

Women are creature of beauty and beauty can never be parted from us. Les Rendez-vous du bonheur.

how to apply kohl powder eyeliner

Other names for Kajal include Al-kahl, Surma and Anjur. The applicator would be dipped in water, rosewater or olive oil before dipping into Kajal pot.

how to apply kohl powder eyeliner

Find out more. Once you have applied the kajal set it with a little powder black eyeshadow on top.

How to Apply Kohl Eye Liner

Arabian style looks both seductive and mysterious. Unisex Fragrances. Mashallah i heard the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to wear Kohl... Kohl dates back to 3100 BCE when Egyptian women would don the inky cosmetic on as liner and mascara.

how to apply kohl powder eyeliner

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Bath Rituals. U may also enhance ur eyebrows, or draw points off the end of your eyes.

Terracotta Khôl

Primers or an eye shadow base allow the eye makeup to stay on for a longer time. This will help in absorbing the excess oils and moisture thus allowing the kajal to stay on for a longer time. View my complete profile. Kohl eyeliner gives you the dramatic, smoky look that was all the rage during the 1920s.