How it s made season 22 dwts

how it s made season 22 dwts

But the inclusion of Nyle DiMarco in season 22 elevated the show to a higher realm of emotion and inspiration. S22 E2 Week 2: Related Posts.

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 22 Finale: Who Took Home the Mirror Ball Trophy?!

For VanZant, Ballas wisely played up her sex appeal, so their numbers smoked, be they salsa, tango, or cha cha. It's the hottest night of the season! The runners-up alone would have made this finale an enjoyable watch albeit a long one laden with filler like by a pointless Pitbull number. Create an ABC Account to save your favorite shows and continue watching where your left off.

how it s made season 22 dwts

Oscar winner Marlee Matlin competed in 2008 and was eliminated in week six. During his paso doble to Panic!

'Dancing With the Stars' - Season 22 Celebrity Cast Revealed

Sorry, there are no matching results. After 10 grueling weeks of amazing performances , heartwrenching personal stories and painful injuries , Dancing With the Stars crowned their season 22 winner on Tuesday!

how it s made season 22 dwts

The themes ranged from classical to the Caribbean with each judge bringing out the best in both stars and pros. S22 E1 Season 22 Premiere: Dancing with the Stars Episodes Season 22. Spoilers ahead!

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He is just incredible. In their tango, DiMarco and Murgatroyd portrayed a pair of estranged lovers trying to reunite through dance. Season 27. S22 E11 Week 10: Throughout the season, Murgatroyd never had anything but effusive praise for her hearing-impaired partner. Nothing could be further from the truth.