How is nikhil sharma leaving emmerdale

'Emmerdale': Rik Makarem leaving Nikhil Sharma role

Nikhil starts dating Maisie Wylde and they become engaged. Emmerdale's Chas to share secret with Laurel. The brothers soon realise they have locked themselves out of their new home and ask the Dingles for help in breaking in.

how is nikhil sharma leaving emmerdale

It was absolutely the right decision to be involved in a very successful phase in the show. More recently, the pair tied the knot and have been supporting Gennie's adoptive mother Brenda after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Nikhil reminded his brother that he was the real boss and did not want Jai undermining him.

Nikhil's brother Jai has recently caused problems at the sweet factory due to his drug habit, leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces.

Nikhil Sharma

But when Maisie admits that she does not love Nikhil, they break up and she leaves Emmerdale. Nikhil is disgusted when his father, Rishi , claims that he is the father of Rachel Breckle 's son. Brenda is devastated, but Bob tries to encourage her, reminding her that Nikhil said he'd pay for a ticket for her to visit anytime she likes.

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how is nikhil sharma leaving emmerdale

Emmerdale star teases mystery Charity plot. Emmerdale's Chas to share secret with Laurel. More From Emmerdale.

I'm naturally ambitious - I believe in taking risks, as that's how we truly learn about ourselves, how we grow, and with this integrity in mind, I'm completely inspired for the journey ahead.

how is nikhil sharma leaving emmerdale

During Chas's wedding reception, Gennie goes into labour and gives birth to her and Nikhil's daughter, who they name Molly. Confirming that Nikhil will only be in the village for a guest stint, Makarem explained: This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.

After being told about Gennie's death Nikhil begins to behave strangely so his family try to get him to be there for Molly but this fails when he arrives at The Woolpack with her and gives her to Debbie before leaving.

Emmerdale's Debbie makes shocking new discovery. The actor has been playing the role of businessman Nikhil Sharma since autumn 2009.

Emmerdale spoilers: Nikhil Sharma to make shock return to the Village

Later on in the year, Nikhil and Molly arrived in Emmerdale. It resurrects his feelings about Gennie's death, but also his angry feelings towards Debbie.

Nikhil is called back to the village by his father Rishi, who is desperate to get the family business back on track.

how is nikhil sharma leaving emmerdale

Emmerdale star teases mystery Charity plot. Along with the creative team, it's been so enjoyable crafting the many wonderful 'under-surface' colours and quirks to my character.

Emmerdale boss explains Amy Wyatt recast. After successfully gaining entry, Lisa Dingle convinces Jai to give her husband Zak a job in the factory as the driver.