How fun is everquest 2 still alive

Community neglect and a pay-to-win ethos are killing EverQuest 2

Sephiroth Ars Praefectus Registered: Bought EQ2, played it a lot the first few days I had it. EverQuest 2 Forums.

Everquest 2 Chaos Descending Prep Pt 1 Summer Panda

Other games are just more fun really. Siraris Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Okay, that's not what you wanted. He had good relations with several SOE developers, and would even visit their offices in San Diego to discuss the game.

how fun is everquest 2 still alive

So tell me the truth. The same can not be said of those I lost to WoW though.

how fun is everquest 2 still alive

Feb 8, 2000 Posts: The folks in charge have added a ton of great stuff over the years. I stopped because it quickly forces grouping to advance, even more so in trade skills, and without a guild, that wasn't easy...

Today she works as a copywriter and games journalist.

how fun is everquest 2 still alive

So head on over to Freerealms. This did lead to some problems, as a few guides became power hungry and began teleporting players into volcanoes from time to time, but for the most part it was a perfectly good collaboration between SOE and the players. Even the new recipes that they put in are completely screwed up in terms of resource requirements, and make absolutely no sense when compared to every other recipe line in the game. It was like swallowing a bitter pill that I had to admit that my assessment of it looking goofy had been wrong.

Free Realms is Live!!!!

This is a game the whole family can enjoy, whatever their interests. Yay WoW! Why does no one here play Everquest 2? I bet some of the people currently enjoying WoW that haven't already tried EQ2 will eventually become curious or bored and decide to give EQ2 a try.

how fun is everquest 2 still alive

The best part is...