Air stops working when i accelerate

Related 7. The higher the engine speed, the faster the compressor spins.

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air stops working when i accelerate

KJdaGr8 answered 8 months ago. This is where powerful cooling fans are needed to make up for the lack of natural airflow.

air stops working when i accelerate

Most of your possibilities are not really consistent with what the OP is stating, though most AC systems have a cutoff which occurs at a certain engine speed. I saw a post about a Chevy having a similar problem link below and found out the issue was with the blower motor. Systems today hold less refrigerant, have smaller condensers and have cooling fans focused more on quietness rather than efficiency.

A/C Air stops blowing when accel.

Dodge Ram 1500 Experts. The OP definitely needs to answer the questions, it this at near WOT only, and is it a temp change or an airflow redistribution.

air stops working when i accelerate

Large fluctuation perform a compression check. Yes, I do.

why does the a/c stop blowing thru the front vents and comming thru tha defrost vents

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Gonna raise this thread from the dead. I had same issue with 1996 Dodge. I'll be sure to post here if I come up with a fix.

It is near the heater core and hangs on the two vacuum lines that go through the fire wall near the heater. Thanks anyways, mate. When you accelerate rapidly, the throttle plate opens wide and intake manifold vacuum decreases. December 30th I had the water pump fail again... I could blow air through it in both directions so I cleaned it with Brakeclean and it is working perfectly again.

air stops working when i accelerate

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air stops working when i accelerate

Can you confirm that the replacement compressor is OEM? I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 with the V6. A lot of things changed in 2005 when the throttle control went from cable to electronic. Similar Threads Cam you accelerate an offer telling someone you have other interviews?