325ti compact specs howard

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All logos are registered trademarks of their official owners. We make some throttle cables and have push-pull cables manufactured to sample or specification. If you need an alternate speed input we have a GPS speed sensor available. Craig also has a few 1920's cars and a 60's Valiant.

Originally Posted by darbyfam. We have changeover units in stock and we can set the odometer to keep your records correct. We are able to repair most of these clusters and individual instruments. He is in medical school. Our dial library is always increasing. There are very few fuel senders over the past 100 years that we cannot repair or match to a different gauge.

In all cases we require a Statuatory declaration from individuals or a trade order from automotive businesses. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Looks great! Modern fuel senders last on average 7 years due to the quality of our fuel. We screen print traditional flood lit dials and modern back lit dials. All times are GMT -4. Tacho Upgrades Changed your 60-70's car to electronic ignition? Originally Posted by Ajaxx1989. We enjoy doing restorations and talking to you about your project; we are car enthusiasts as well!

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Cables We manufacture any speedometer and tachometer cables to sample or specification. We will design artwork from scratch or modify existing artwork. Restorations do however take some time particularly if you want something different so please plan well in advance.

How did you mount those overfenders? We now have metric dials and odometer gears for most Porsche Speedo's up to the late 1980's. In some cases we require the vehicle. Rodger has Mini's and a Marcos. We can help make your tacho work again.