Where are the 12 vile vortices

where are the 12 vile vortices

Findhorn, Scotland: But be ready for spooky stories, unanswered questions, and age old mysteries that have no known explanation... Is the earth a gigantic crystal that resonates at 7 Hz with harmonic focal points at specific equidistant points?

Vile Vortices

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where are the 12 vile vortices

It is in the Ocean, where some ships and planes have disappeared in the past. Midway Island is considered a focus of Energy. Choose A Format.

where are the 12 vile vortices

There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 31. Its deepest point is believed to reach over 25,000 feet 7,600 meters.

20 Facts about the Vile Vortices Around the World

Nearly all of these Vortices are characterized by magnetic anomalies and abnormal phenomena. Reprinted in Paradox, by Nicholas R. The edge of the Hebrides Trench near the Fiji Islands 47.

where are the 12 vile vortices

The Vortex Center is actually in the Ocean, N. It simply not a renewable lifestyle accomplish the public community pay step-up and continue to stagnate. In fact, five are along the Tropic of Capricorn, and five are along the Tropic of Cancer, with only the North and South Pole not being along those lines, meaning the vortices are mostly located near warm, tropical climates.

where are the 12 vile vortices

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12 Vile Vortices on Earth you should avoid at all cost

Learn more. The megaliths of Zimbabwe. The two nuclear detonations noted on Mars may have been detonated on two Vortexes causing the massive event. The Bermuda Triangle, for example, is probably the best known one and there have been stories of glowing water, spinning compasses, and even possible alien abductions for hundreds of years now.