What is feathering light

Learning How to Feather Soft Boxes - Lighting Tutorial

Take note of how the light changes while rotating the modifier and find the most suitable angle according to the intensity you require. Linked 21. The brightness of the specular highlight on the tip of the nose is the same brightness straight on and feathered.

what is feathering light

Let's start with a harder light. Nice bonus answer about lighting a group of people using the feather.

For my fine feathered friends!

Here are photos of a 2x2-foot softbox straight on and the same softbox feathered off to one side. Hard vs Soft Below are the feathered light images with the small and the larger light sources. Thus you get even lighting across the entire line of people. RRP for print edition: Go back to point A and the nose. If you rotate the light source away from the subject keeping the light at the same location , the light source will appear to become a narrower and narrower rectangle thinner vertical until it totally disappears because it it is eventually facing away from the subject.

Your flashlight analogy is pretty much right. Working with a softer larger light source it isn't so easy to see what is happening. This light produces a less vibrant and more intimate mood.

what is feathering light

Studio head 1 with softbox front, camera left. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Brighter because the rest of the face would have received less light and I would have to have compensated by turning up the power of the light strobe or used a longer shutter speed constant light, which is what I used for these demonstrations.

People often say a "softer" light on the image, but that isn't quite correct.

Feathering light – why and how to do it

The resulting light has now lost much of its contrast and is softer and more even, creating a more intimate atmosphere. If the modifier is turned toward the camera, the whole light will be directed away from the background and very little of it, if any, will be able to reach the backdrop.

what is feathering light

I would probably retouch out that little highlight on the ear. The larger the light source is the smoother the diffuse highlight to shadow transition is and the softer the light is. For my fine feathered friends! I have some ideas what that means: If you want to tone down a hotspot you need to move your lights in closer.

what is feathering light

We see the Inverse Square Law doing its thing here. In the third image the light is very close and its reflection is even less noticeable because it is spread out over a larger area and the brightness of the rest of the can has been brought up closer to the brightness of the highlight and then the overall exposure was lowered to bring it all back to give the proper exposure of the overall subject.