What i believe skillet zoro

He'd had to take her lifeless body back to Luffy and try to explain what was going on, but he hadn't been able to.

what i believe skillet zoro

It was his decision to go back on the one year anniversary, so they could all pay their respects to her. Every day I have to wake up and know that I'm never going to see your face again, know that I'm never going to get to hear you smile, smell your strawberry shampoo on the breeze, feel the slap of your hot temper. Here we are for a brand new start, living the life that we could of had.

He figured he needed this; he needed to talk to her, even if it was too late.

what i believe skillet zoro

The true testament that this was real, that this wasn't a dream, and that there was no way he was ever going to see her again. How he knew that she was gone because this was his fault. Zoro turned and wrapped his arms around her; needing to feel her body close to his, needing to hear her soft breath, hear her heartbeat next to his. It'd hit him harder when he went back to the ship and she was still there, everyone crying, and her lifeless body cold, unmoving…he'd wanted to kill himself.

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Just In All Stories: Zoro held his head in his hand as his shoulders shook, the roses falling from his hand to land beside the marker on the ground. Taking one Zoro headed back up to the deck and climbed on top of the giant lion's head jutting forth from the ship. Slowly pushing the gates open and cringing at the noise their rusted hinges made he slowly walked down the cobble walkway that had been set up for visitors.

Take him to where he could be alone with her.

What I Believe

I would do anything if I could just see you again, if I could just have the chance to tell you this. There was nothing that would wake him up from this nightmare and he was going to have to live with this for the rest of his life.

what i believe skillet zoro

Now that it's over, I just wanna hold her. But Zoro had kept this, he needed to. I'm in the grass on my knees wipe the leaves away. His hands slowly wrapped around her, pulling her closer to him.

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Story Author. She'd died in his arms, because he couldn't protect her like he'd always promised her he would. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

what i believe skillet zoro

But before he had enough she slowly pulled away from him, smiling down at him. But oh god, he wanted to just stay here all night. Zoro had never been one to show emotions, he saw them as a sign of weakness, but for her, he'd cry a river and drown in it if she only asked him to. Robin seemed to sense that something was going on, because she found him in the crow's nest, sitting alone, not even bothering to touch his weights, though he was seriously considering pushing himself to the point of passing out; that way he wouldn't have to deal with today.