What does the rufous hare wallaby eat

Mala (rufous hare-wallaby)

Mala are nocturnal emerging from their squats under tussocks in the evening and returning before dawn. Australian Distribution. Australian Faunal Directory. Australian Museum and Reed New Holland. Friend, J. Environment Australia EA 1999b. They use several squats which are only shared by females and their dependent offspring young-at-foot.

Mala / Rufous Hare-wallaby

Kinnear, K. Langford, D. Did you know: The sex ratio of pouch young is near parity 1: Data on home range and movements are not available but densities are twice as high 0. Short, J.

Species Profile and Threats Database

Tanami Desert , Northern Territory. As of 1996 it was reported to exist on Bernier and Dorre Islands these populations fluctuate significantly between years of high and low rainfall and on the mainland in two experimental reintroduction programs.

what does the rufous hare wallaby eat

Profile Picture 2. EPBC Act survey guidelines 6. It has been compiled from a range of sources including listing advice, recovery plans, published literature and individual experts.

what does the rufous hare wallaby eat

Wedge-tailed eagle Aquila audax predation on endangered mammals and rabbits at Shark Bay, Western Australia. Unpublished species profile. Recovery Plan for the Mala Lagorchestes hirsutus.

Mala (Rufous Hare-wallaby)

The aborigines regularly set winter fires in order to clear areas for easier hunting. Jarman 1993a.

what does the rufous hare wallaby eat

Following European settlement, the range of Mala was reduced drastically as a result of predation by cats and foxes; the last known population in the Tanami Desert became extinct in the wild in 1991. Neobassia astrocarpa. Reproductive Physiology of Marsupials. Vulnerable Contents 1.

what does the rufous hare wallaby eat

Sydney, NSW: It eats seedheads, young sedge and grass leaves, herbs and shrubs. Survey guidelines for Australia's threatened mammals.