How to finish evilmass of adamance plate

Once on the other side, the enemy forces spearmen and archers were there to greet us. They weren't a problem for me, and I went into my uberhero mode to kill them. Topic Archived. The issue comes up on the second floor.

Retrieved from " https: Don't have an account? It's laggy, temperamental, and basically made my group stop trying. Meaning that the mission stops immediately, no one gets any exp, and the game is over. Brilliantly my character backs up into the blade and gets dead.. Same enemies as first floor, only there are no timed guillotines; however, there are Dragons , Baby Dragons and the more powerful green version of Balrog, Balrag.

EliteTrooper03 EliteTrooper03 7 years ago 2 hey ill help u once psn gets back up. We group ragequit.

Archfiend of Adamance

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? If you don't follow these, you won't get her back to the Hideout and she will not return to her original form. Kiba uber actually baits the switch and outruns the blades and he doesn't die! Slogturtle the Mobile Shelter. After finishing the third floor, when you see Naughtyfins , ask her "Are you all right, Naughtyfins? Be careful as the Baby Dragons may push you back to the guillotine, so kill them as quickly as you can!

We got through to the guillotine no problem.

No sooner than I throw my first series of spears out, I get a lovely little message telling me there was a communication error. Duct Tape is Silver. Tondega attempted several times to cross it by using his uber attack to propel him forward onto the switch constantly after it had been triggered by enemies, but apparently the blades are made out of sharp rubber because they kept pushing him back again and again, when it was finally up high enough to allow his big character to pass under it, it was already too late.

Prepare to face a mighty boss! That guillotine with the pressure plate under it is the most broken thing in existence when doing an adhoc game. I have a lvl 30 cannogabang and if there is any specific class u need i can train it till psn is back up. We failed the mission due to myself and Tondega failing to cross, and then the lonely Pyokorider accidentally not making a perfect tune for his uber and he charged into the deathtrap without a chance to survive.