How do freal milkshake machines work

There are several entities under the Mack umbrella that have been organized around the company's extensive vertical integration of services, including: Why Mack?


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how do freal milkshake machines work

And for the coffee lovers, you can enjoy premium brewed gourmet coffee in classic coffee, mocha or caramel frozen cappuccino.

I got the hint. I was vaguely familiar with the company's blender kiosks and squat refrigerated cases that sat in some of the Wawas I would frequent during my travels, but I readily admit that: For those who prefer fruit smoothies, you can get a full serving of fruit in strawberry, wildberry or tropical burst flavors.

how do freal milkshake machines work

Posted by Dan at 6: No comments: In fact, other than a fast food joint like McDonald's — whose "shakes" have long been the subject of dark, nasty and unfounded ru mors — I wouldn't know where to get one that didn't involve making one myself a process that would include finding our blender or sitting down to order one.

I'd been walking around with a couple f'REAL coupons in my wallet for a few weeks but was always in too much of a rush to get to the beach or eat my hoagie to succumb to the allure of their high-tech gadgetry.

how do freal milkshake machines work

Milkshake, Anyone? Though the regular blend mode left some of the ice cream a bit too solid, requiring some deft work with my straw, the resulting shake was eventually creamy and refreshingly cold, like slightly melted ice cream before it turns to ice cream soup. Essentially a self-serve blender, it is marketed to convenience stores, movie theaters, colleges and universities, hospital cafeterias and other casual dining outlets where the consumer chooses a flavor, drops the pre-portioned cup into the blender, and pushes a button to produce a delicious milkshake, fruit smoothie, or frozen cappuccino in less than 60 seconds.

Blending Milkshakes: How Tough Can it Be?

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how do freal milkshake machines work

As somebody who doesn't have a sweet tooth I was actually a little concerned that the shake would blast me with a sugary, too sweet concoction I'd be passing off. Enter the f'REAL , the invention of Jim Farrell, fellow milkshake lover and a man who knew there had to be a better way.

With Cookie Dough out of the mix I opted instead for Cookies and Cream which combines ice cream with crushed Oreo or Oreo-like cookies. As we drove down the Garden State Parkway I happily worked away at my shake, noisily slurping up the last bits and almost waking my daughter in the process.

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