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When he understood - This line, and the one below, refers to the finale and the Doctor discovering, and understanding, the truth behind the line "Silence wil fall".

Or sing a little song with dark lyrics? The only line I could make out was the last one "... One is as an apposite illustration of something creepy that is going on usually using well-known poems , and the other is a kind of prediction usually written by the scriptwriters of what is about to happen, delivered in a creepy childlike tone.

Do you agree? Properly creepy. By clicking Continue, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Your password has been changed. Tick, tock, goes the clock, and what things shall we see?

This poem is an example of the latter, proving that everyone knows that the Doctor can be merciless and even cruel when people close to him get hurt: The man who lies will lie no more when this man lies at Trenzalore.

Howling:Song at the end of Night Terrors

See More! He cradled her and he rocked her - This line, and the one above, refer to River's birth. Why "Tick tock goes the clock" over and over? The Whisper Men are near. Tick tock, goes the clock And all the years they fly.

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If, for example, you wish to add an unsettling undercurrent to a cozy situation, why not have some children recited an eerily specific poem in a spooky way? This man must fall as all men must.

It does to me. He may sometimes mistake Gallifrey for a town in southern Ireland, but not for a town in South Carolina. Thanks for the correction. Both approaches suggest that the events that are about to unfold were always going to unfold, because in the future or the past, the Doctor gets about , they are already legendary.

There's also: Kovarian Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play? Now Summer's gone away? Tick tock and all too soon Your love will surely die! Verify Your Email.