Wwe rko outta nowhere vines high school

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RKO in school gym

Getting someone fired because of a bad spot? Only putting this at 12 because he kinda has a point about the heel turn, he works much better as a heel. Emiliano Sala David Ibbotson 'may not have been qualified' to fly Emiliano Sala, claims report The Cardiff City striker tragically died when the aircraft he was flying in crashed into the English Channel in January.

WWE Superstar Randy Orton Becomes a Meme with RKO Vines

Now obviously once you grow up you tend to do away with juvenile stuff like that, not so much with Randy Orton. Let us know in the comments section below. Car crashes Mum-of-two killed in horror crash after driving the wrong way down the motorway. How convenient. We'll come back to that later. Just about every video that you can think of that features someone falling over has been modified to include Randy Orton performing his RKO on the unlucky tumbler.

WWE's Randy Orton has become the latest subject of the internet's running jokes. Keep it classy Randy. Now while we don't know if he did have a crush on her, Rochelle Loewen was the victim of a childish stunt by Orton back in 2005. Orton then shoves Kingston to the mat and goes behind him to set up the RKO. Kim Jong-un Horrifying new details of how Kim Jong-un killed his uncle in brutal execution.


This didn't stop Orton from going on a radio show in 2011 and implying that Kelly Kelly slept around with at least 10 guys. On the Evolution of a Predator DVD set, it is said that a big reason why Orton's World Heavyweight Title reign was so short was because of his immaturity and Orton admits himself that he wasn't ready for it.

Orton himself is reportedly a fan of the videos, with one account suggesting that he spent much of his weekend trawling Vine for the latest clips.

wwe rko outta nowhere vines high school

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wwe rko outta nowhere vines high school