Wordfast anywhere translation memory tools

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wordfast anywhere translation memory tools

No forms, no surveys, no credit cards. Yes - you can use WF Anywhere for work and production. This page was last edited on 22 September 2015, at 14: The first segment opens.

Changing the face of Translation Memory

You can watch videos in your language here. If you cannot connect or cannot work properly, try the following:. Wordfast Anywhere allows translators to work from anywhere they have a web-browser, accessing and sharing TM assets in a secure online translation environment.

There may be agency deployments of WFA in the future where projects are prepared by Project Managers, but WFA's primary calling is to empower translators.

wordfast anywhere translation memory tools

Translator Tools. Namespaces Page Discussion. Each time a segment is modified, the document is saved on the server. SAP Localization.

Wordfast Anywhere FAQ

Once the document has been translated you'll be able to download it as PDF. Languages are sorted alphabetically.

wordfast anywhere translation memory tools

The above may sound too good to be true. Direct your browser to https: It is made available to all translators not just Wordfast users for free, yet offers true confidentiality. To upload new documents to be translated, delete existing ones for which you have completed the translation process upload - translate - download.

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By Yasmin Moslem - [2: Verify documents after download. Your private online TM grows as you translate.

wordfast anywhere translation memory tools

They will never be disclosed to any third party. You cannot change the language pair for a document, you have to change the TM and glossary which are being used on the document. To prevent that, we use zip files as a container to be sure there will be no naming problem.