What is the meaning of alliteration

Mike made mellow music with his new microphone. Translation of alliteration. Love words? February 27, 2019. A classic example is:.

Alliteration Examples

Often, a little alliteration goes a long way. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

what is the meaning of alliteration

Dictionary Entries near alliteration Allison tuna alliteral alliterate alliteration alliterational alliterative alliterative verse. Words that rhyme with alliteration Spanish Central: Yarvis yanked his ankle at yoga, and Yolanda yelled out in surprise.

what is the meaning of alliteration

I try to stay away from heavy alliteration and other pyrotechnics because I think they detract from the sense of the poem and blur the imagery. Examples of Alliteration Poems. It makes the name of a company catchy and easy to memorize.


Cambridge Dictionary. Word of the Day spectacular very exciting to look at. It's creating chaos. The usual assumption, it seems, has been that alliteration of the different velars has simply been a matter of poetic convention.


See more words from the same year. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. From Cambridge English Corpus. Translation of alliteration for Spanish Speakers Britannica.

The C ity's voice it s elf is s oft like S olitude's As a poetic device, alliteration is often discussed with assonance , the repetition of stressed vowel sounds within two or more words with different end consonants, as in "stony" and "holy"; and consonance , the repetition of end or medial consonants, as in "stroke" and "luck. What is the pronunciation of alliteration?

what is the meaning of alliteration

While walking wearily home I wondered where Wally was.