What is open minded skepticism

what is open minded skepticism

Find all posts by GodSpark. Instead, you need to take the time to read arguments carefully and learn to identify fallacies that way.

Is Atheism Open-Minded?

The depiction of skeptics as close minded is based, at least in part, on a lack of understanding of skepticism among the general public. A person who tries to think critically must endeavor to eliminate those factors as much as possible — for example, by trying to get key terms clearly defined early on rather than allowing a debate to proceed with people using the same words to talk about completely different concepts.

Reminds me too of some Biblical Scripture that says, Paul speaking 'I planted, Apollos watered, but God makes it grow'. This message is a reply to: I will apply this same concept to the skeptics here on this forum.

I think this might be a basis for agreement. We visit them maybe once, twice a year, and until now I did not comprehend what this uneasiness was all about with them.

what is open minded skepticism

I guess I forgot for a few minutes... Glad you agree now: It is easy to see from most of my posts that I freely reveal the many parts of myself with little inhibition and I find it most liberating to do so. Therefore, researching that research cannot lead you to any conclusion either.

What Is Open Mindedness in Critical Thinking?

One of these areas would be the model of the brain presented by Stuart Hameroff. Just observing with no judgement. Aaron has said before that it is a waste of precious energy to bother with skeptics, when it comes to introducing them to PATHS, as there are so many other Sweet Ones who will really and truly WANT to know of and experience this fabulous technology as well as apply the LOA in the most benefical way....

what is open minded skepticism

I've made no conclusions, merely set the parameters of reality a bit more strictly than you have. Creating room to grow Once you have an open mind and put the skeptical filters in place there is one more thing left to do: Recommended Posts. Originally Posted by Curt7331. My Dear Ones, Thanks so much for starting this thread, Kevin...