Learning how to crochet a rag rug

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learning how to crochet a rag rug

You have soe really great creative ideas in this hub. Best wishes! Thanks for sharing the details!

Circular Rag Rug, Crocheted!

She has been contributing to craft articles on wikiHow since 2007. I've been saving fabric to do this. Learn more... Do you think you'll try gradation?

learning how to crochet a rag rug

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Then I took those into Indesign and added text, arrows etc. Crochet Tips.

learning how to crochet a rag rug

I'll have to bookmark this page so I can come back to it. Shouldn't take longer than a couple of hours if you're new to it. Old nightdresses with holes in them, or doona covers that have worn too thin are perfect for rag rug making.

Learn How to Crochet a Round Rag Rug

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How to Crochet Rag Rugs

Tip Working with thick material like fabric can be harder on the hands than working with traditional yarn. Help answer questions Learn more.

Then I went into Photoshop and did the outlined shapes for the fabric-looking pieces. Using gradation in rag rugs makes them appear much more attractive and is the way that professional rag rug makers do it.

What a beautiful Rug! Did you make this project? I'll have to wait until I get to some wi-fi, but I'm very glad to see you have included video.

learning how to crochet a rag rug

Love this! Click thumbnail to view full-size. Follow the pattern for each remaining round until your rug reaches the desired size.