Lake whatcom watershed moratorium

Matthews used was that of a soccer ball. The time has come for drastic action. Watershed Regulations Watershed Closure Information: Six months after our last election, what has been done to bring city and county policy and action into coordination? While the moratorium may have been what the City needed most at this time, I think the County needs to strengthen our enforcement and monitoring so our stricter regulations have the desired effect.

Saving the Lake

Carl Weimer May 22, 2008 I am glad that the City passed a moratorium to protect the lake, and to show that Lake Whatcom is once again truly front and center in their focus. In truth, there is plenty of blame to go all around on both sides. The easiest and most difficult to avoid is the issue of raw human sewage being dumped into the lake.

lake whatcom watershed moratorium

Search This Blog. After years of inaction by our elected city officials, we now have a Mayor and a Council who appear willing to start tackling the problem.

Watershed Regulations

It appears to me as if this lake problem would be better addressed by trading our pens in for shovels, at least in some small way. The first question that comes to mind is how did Lake Whatcom get to this state? Exactly what principles do we stand on?

lake whatcom watershed moratorium

If someone has 40 acres and wants to divide it up into 8 lots that is still allowed. And all jurisdictions need to examine the way sewer and water hookups, and exempt wells may be furthering unwanted development in the watershed.

lake whatcom watershed moratorium

Please explain why the County can't -or won't- do more about that? Kjelstad, 2010. As a consequence, the city has to do more things to the water to make it fit to drink before it comes out of our water taps. It also does not address past sins on how the current development was done, which is really the biggest culprit. Meeting the TMDL requirements will be a tall order. Straight Talk about Issues in Bellingham.

Bellingham Watershed Building Moratorium

Comments that place blame on one entity or the other are derisive and do not serve our common goal. One other thing; it's always easier to eat oatmeal that has already been grown, harvested, processed and cooked by someone else. We can think of the lake in the same context: After all, the TMDL ought to provide some incentive -and cover- for them, too?

These regulations went into effect on October 22, 2016.

lake whatcom watershed moratorium

The City of Bellingham controls lake level using a control dam at the head of Whatcom Creek. Lake , PlanningGrowth. Matthews et al. Some may prefer to hit home runs than singles and sacrifices, because that's where the quick fame lies.