How to defeat plantera 1.3

Once you're in the arena, it simply becomes a matter of flying around the arena, kiting Plantera as you unload your Megashark. Plantera Trophy.

Guide:Plantera strategies

This is a Guide page. These walls will effectively protect from Plantera 's thorn balls and seeds, and if you make sure you never let Plantera get too close to you, the only attack it has that could damage you is her hooks latching onto the walls you made, however, they should move off the blocks should they latch on at any time during the battle.

how to defeat plantera 1.3

The Gear Since you've beaten the three mechanical bosses a requirement as of 1. Excavate an area that allows some movement, and add 1 to 2 layers of platforms.

Terraria 1.2: How to Defeat Plantera! (UPDATED EASY SOLO GUIDE / TUTORIAL) @demizegg

Pygmy Staff. Underground Jungle.

Anthony Anthony 343 3 5 10. Plantera Mask.

how to defeat plantera 1.3

Plantera First Form. Linked 1. Wait for the discs to come back to you, then teleport again.

how to defeat plantera 1.3

Once Plantera reaches its second form, the player should be very wary and try to avoid Plantera's lunges. If you don't mind taking the extra time, consider digging a hole at least 2 times deeper than you would use for the fight and stick to the top half of your arena, without the added threat of Plantera's spike balls, it is much easier to defeat.

how to defeat plantera 1.3

Use a werewolf to kill the tentacles. This method is simple but needs strong armor, and a friend. This is great when coupled with the Megashark! Flower Pow. The area is for dodging Plantera in case you can't stun him temporaliy.